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Edgewater Park, Detroit, Michigan

Posted on 12:31 PM by Rhonda Greene

Detroit's Edgewater Park was a small amusement park that was open from 1927 until 1981. Though the site has since been demolished (a church now sits there), the park is remembered here with historical photos, old family photos, and a lot of wonderful photos of the ruins of the abandoned park before the site was cleared to make way for new developments.

4 Response to "Edgewater Park, Detroit, Michigan"

Bighead 71 Says....

Was there anything left at all when they put in the church? It's a shame, I
have seen so many nice tradtional parks go like this way.

Judy Says....

I remember it was 75 cents to get in and ride allday, the wild mouse was cool,and also seeing Shawn Cassidy there. I was sad to see it go.

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